What we can do for you

Job Seekers

Want help with your resume, interview skills, networking and soft skills all at once? We want you to feel confident in approaching companies, interviewing and getting yourself noticed in a competitive job market.

What is included?

Resume Review

Let us help refine your resume, give you tips on what employers are looking for, and how to present your information in a way to catch the most discerning employer’s eye.

LinkedIn Review

LinkedIn is an important tool many employers are using to find and check the credentials of potential employees. A more detailed replica of your resume, our team can help you present your information the most effectively to help you be found and selected by employers.

Interview preparation

Don’t know what to wear or what to say? Need help with business etiquette or someone to practice your interview questions with? No matter if it’s your first time or you’ve been an interviewee before, let our team help you put your best foot forward.

We’ll run you through interview questions and provide you with feedback and notes to take with you so you can practice on your own!

Online or in person sessions are available.

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Skill Seekers

Perfect Presentations

Sometimes you’re picked to do the presentation at work, even though public speaking is not your strong point. Whether you’re representing your company, pitching to investors, VCs or need to demo for a hackathon, we can help you practice and give you pointers in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Social Skills

Need help with team work, reading people, handshakes, networking in crowds or any of the subtle skills you feel like you could use help with? Let us know. Our team can help in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment and give you feedback to take away with you and work on later.

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