Resume mistakes that might be holding you back

There are some basic reasons why your resume may be holding you back when you're applying for jobs. Follow these quick tips to make sure your resume supports you and your career goals. Check and make sure your contact details on your resume are correct This is a surprisingly common and simple check to do … Continue reading Resume mistakes that might be holding you back


When noone is responding

There is nothing more disheartening when you're applying for jobs and you are not hearing back from anyone. These are helpful if your applications are mostly intact and attractive to employers. We'll cover mistakes you might be making in your resume and how to fix them in another post! Make the most of your networks … Continue reading When noone is responding

What should I be applying for?

Having trouble deciding what jobs to apply for based on your current skills and experience? Here are some tips below when thinking about jobs you want to apply for, to help you with your search. Decide what you want to do with your skills When looking for a new job, think about what skills and … Continue reading What should I be applying for?

Resume Writing – Getting Started

Sometimes when you're job hunting, the hardest thing can be getting started with writing a resume. There's so much to think about, that it can get overwhelming. What comes first, your education or your work experience? Which jobs count and which don't? How do I explain my OE? What about LinkedIn? What photos do I … Continue reading Resume Writing – Getting Started