Resume Writing – Getting Started

Sometimes when you’re job hunting, the hardest thing can be getting started with writing a resume.

There’s so much to think about, that it can get overwhelming. What comes first, your education or your work experience? Which jobs count and which don’t? How do I explain my OE? What about LinkedIn? What photos do I use?

These questions can make us all freeze when it comes time to put pen to paper and make it difficult to get started.

Instead of just forgetting about it and putting it off another day, try these quick tips for helping you at least put some ideas on paper:

  1. Start with a template
    Google has so many simple resume templates to use, even if it’s not the final one you choose, it just helps you to start filling in the blanks and getting your mind working on this project.
  2. Make a list
    Start with a list of all the work experience you’ve got, and a list of all the education you have. Even if you are not sure if they are 100% relevant to the jobs you are looking for, writing them down will help you think more analytically about the kind of experience you do have.
  3. Organize your list
    Put your work experience chronologically from newest to oldest. Put your education from most important degree to least important certificate. Have more education than work experience? List your education first. More work experience, put it the other way around.
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